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DevOps for Networking

By : Steven Armstrong
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DevOps for Networking

By: Steven Armstrong

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Frustrated that your company’s network changes are still a manual set of activities that slow developers down? It doesn’t need to be that way any longer, as this book will help your company and network teams embrace DevOps and continuous delivery approaches, enabling them to automate all network functions. This book aims to show readers network automation processes they could implement in their organizations. It will teach you the fundamentals of DevOps in networking and how to improve DevOps processes and workflows by providing automation in your network. You will be exposed to various networking strategies that are stopping your organization from scaling new projects quickly. You will see how SDN and APIs are influencing DevOps transformations, which will in turn help you improve the scalability and efficiency of your organizations networks operations. You will also find out how to leverage various configuration management tools such as Ansible, to automate your network. The book will also look at containers and the impact they are having on networking as well as looking at how automation impacts network security in a software-defined network.
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DevOps for Networking
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Integrating OpenStack with the Nuage VSP platform

Private data center networks can be very complex, so using vanilla OpenStack neutron to meet all use cases may not provide all the features that are required. It is important to note that the features in neutron are maturing very quickly with every new OpenStack release, so neutron is likely as feature rich as dedicated SDN controllers in the future.

Neutron lends itself to integration with SDN controllers by providing a REST API extension, so SDN controllers can easily be used to extend the base networking functions provided by neutron if required to provide a very rich set of networking features.

The use of SDN solutions have helped OpenStack to scale massively, as it moves the networking aspect of OpenStack away from the centralized layer 3 agent and instead requests are moved to the dedicated SDN controllers with distributed firewalling.

This means that one OpenStack cloud can potentially scale the amount of compute instances that are supported...