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Mastering AWS Lambda

By : Yohan Wadia, Udita Gupta
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Mastering AWS Lambda

By: Yohan Wadia, Udita Gupta

Overview of this book

AWS is recognized as one of the biggest market leaders for cloud computing and why not? It has evolved a lot since the time it started out by providing just basic services such as EC2 and S3 and today; they go all the way from IoT to Machine Learning, Image recognition, Chatbot Frameworks, and much more! One of those recent services that is also gaining a lot of traction is AWS Lambda! Although seemingly simple and easy to use, Lambda is a highly effective and scalable compute service that provides developers with a powerful platform to design and develop Serverless event-driven systems and applications. The book begins with a high-level introduction into the world of Serverless computing and its advantages and use cases, followed by a deep dive into AWS Lambda! You’ll learn what services AWS Lambda provides to developers; how to design, write, and test Lambda functions; as well as monitor and troubleshoot them. The book is designed and accompanied with a vast variety of real-world examples, use cases, and code samples that will enable you to get started on your Serverless applications quickly. By the end of the book, you will have gained all the skills required to work with AWS Lambda services!
Table of Contents (11 chapters)

Introducing SAM

The story of SAM starts back with few of the caveats faced by AWS CloudFormations. Although immensely powerful in it's automated infrastructure deployment capabilities, CloudFormations is still a tool that's not that easy to work with and maintain. A simple infrastructure deployment template can range anywhere from a 100 lines to even a 1,000 lines depending on the way the template is authored. More so, CloudFormation lacked the specialized resource types optimized for defining serverless applications which is why project Flourish was established which later on became known as SAM.

SAM is an extension of CloudFormation and basically provides developers with a really simplified way of writing CloudFormation-like templates for serverless services such as API Gateway, DynamoDB and even Lambda.

NOTE: SAM is released under the Apache 2.0 License

The main goal...