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Deployment with Docker

By : Srdjan Grubor
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Deployment with Docker

By: Srdjan Grubor

Overview of this book

Deploying Docker into production is considered to be one of the major pain points in developing large-scale infrastructures, and the documentation available online leaves a lot to be desired. With this book, you will learn everything you wanted to know to effectively scale your deployments globally and build a resilient, scalable, and containerized cloud platform for your own use. The book starts by introducing you to the containerization ecosystem with some concrete and easy-to-digest examples; after that, you will delve into examples of launching multiple instances of the same container. From there, you will cover orchestration, multi-node setups, volumes, and almost every relevant component of this new approach to deploying services. Using intertwined approaches, the book will cover battle-tested tooling, or issues likely to be encountered in real-world scenarios, in detail. You will also learn about the other supporting components required for a true PaaS deployment and discover common options to tie the whole infrastructure together. At the end of the book, you learn to build a small, but functional, PaaS (to appreciate the power of the containerized service approach) and continue to explore real-world approaches to implementing even larger global-scale services.
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Chapter 1. Containers - Not Just Another Buzzword

In technology, sometimes the jumps in progress are small but, as is the case with containerization, the jumps have been massive and turn the long-held practices and teachings completely upside down. With this book, we will take you from running a tiny service to building elastically scalable systems using containerization with Docker, the cornerstone of this revolution. We will perform a steady but consistent ramp-up through the basic blocks with a focus on the inner workings of Docker, and, as we continue, we will try to spend a majority of the time in the world of complex deployments and their considerations.

Let’s take a look at what we will cover in this chapter:

  • What are containers and why do we need them?

  • Docker’s place in the container world

  • Thinking with a container mindset