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Security with Go

By : John Daniel Leon
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Security with Go

By: John Daniel Leon

Overview of this book

Go is becoming more and more popular as a language for security experts. Its wide use in server and cloud environments, its speed and ease of use, and its evident capabilities for data analysis, have made it a prime choice for developers who need to think about security. Security with Go is the first Golang security book, and it is useful for both blue team and red team applications. With this book, you will learn how to write secure software, monitor your systems, secure your data, attack systems, and extract information. Defensive topics include cryptography, forensics, packet capturing, and building secure web applications. Offensive topics include brute force, port scanning, packet injection, web scraping, social engineering, and post exploitation techniques.
Table of Contents (15 chapters)

Downloading a file over HTTP

A common task in modern computing is downloading a file over the HTTP protocol. The following example shows how to quickly download a specific URL to a file.

Other common tools that accomplish this task are curl and wget:

package main 
import ( 
func main() { 
   // Create output file 
   newFile, err := os.Create("devdungeon.html") 
   if err != nil { 
   defer newFile.Close() 
   // HTTP GET request 
   url := "" 
   response, err := http.Get(url) 
   defer response.Body.Close() 
   // Write bytes from HTTP response to file. 
   // response.Body satisfies the reader interface. 
   // newFile satisfies the writer interface. 
   // That allows us to use io.Copy...