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The DevOps 2.2 Toolkit

By : Viktor Farcic
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The DevOps 2.2 Toolkit

By: Viktor Farcic

Overview of this book

Building on The DevOps 2.0 Toolkit and The DevOps 2.1 Toolkit: Docker Swarm, Viktor Farcic brings his latest exploration of the Docker technology as he records his journey to explore two new programs, self-adaptive and self-healing systems within Docker. The DevOps 2.2 Toolkit: Self-Sufficient Docker Clusters is the latest book in Viktor Farcic’s series that helps you build a full DevOps Toolkit. This book in the series looks at Docker, the tool designed to make it easier in the creation and running of applications using containers. In this latest entry, Viktor combines theory with a hands-on approach to guide you through the process of creating self-adaptive and self-healing systems. Within this book, Viktor will cover a wide-range of emerging topics, including what exactly self-adaptive and self-healing systems are, how to choose a solution for metrics storage and query, the creation of cluster-wide alerts and what a successful self-sufficient system blueprint looks like. Work with Viktor and dive into the creation of self-adaptive and self-healing systems within Docker.
Table of Contents (18 chapters)

What now?

Did we finish with self-adaptation applied to services? We're not even close. The exercises we passed through should give you only the base you'll need to extend and adapt to your specific use-cases. I hope that now you know what to do. What you need now, more than anything else, is time. Instrument your services, start scraping metrics, create alerts based both on exporters and instrumentation, start receiving notifications, and observe the patterns. The system should start small and grow organically.

Do not create a project out of the lessons you learned but adopt continuous improvement. Every alert is not only a potential problem but also an opportunity to make the system better and more robust.

The following figure provides a high-level overview of the system we built so far. Use it as a way to refresh your memory with everything we learned by now: