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DevOps Paradox

By : Viktor Farcic
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DevOps Paradox

By: Viktor Farcic

Overview of this book

DevOps promises to break down silos, uniting organizations to deliver high quality output in a cross-functional way. In reality it often results in confusion and new silos: pockets of DevOps practitioners fight the status quo, senior decision-makers demand DevOps paint jobs without committing to true change. Even a clear definition of what DevOps is remains elusive. In DevOps Paradox, top DevOps consultants, industry leaders, and founders reveal their own approaches to all aspects of DevOps implementation and operation. Surround yourself with expert DevOps advisors. Viktor Farcic draws on experts from across the industry to discuss how to introduce DevOps to chaotic organizations, align incentives between teams, and make use of the latest tools and techniques. With each expert offering their own opinions on what DevOps is and how to make it work, you will be able to form your own informed view of the importance and value of DevOps as we enter a new decade. If you want to see how real DevOps experts address the challenges and resolve the paradoxes, this book is for you.
Table of Contents (21 chapters)

Bridging the CEO–CTO gap

Viktor Farcic: It's interesting how those first phases of your career related to a history before DevOps, including those tensions and disconnects you talk about that DevOps tries to address of course. Did your next career step, as CTO at IP Services, take you closer to DevOps as we talk about it today?

Kevin Behr: Yes, in the 2000s, I was the CTO at a company called IP Services, which could best be described as an early MSP and outsourcer for infrastructure. It provided mission-critical infrastructure for large fortune and global 500 companies. While I was at IP Services, we had to develop ways to manage across various systems of control, because we would have auditors from every client wanting to come in and inspect our operations.

At this time, I started collaborating and working with Gene Kim, another kindred DevOps mind. We were both CTOs reporting to a CEO, and we both experienced a very specific process of adopting and adapting our thinking to meet...