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The DevOps 2.3 Toolkit

By : Viktor Farcic
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The DevOps 2.3 Toolkit

By: Viktor Farcic

Overview of this book

Building on The DevOps 2.0 Toolkit, The DevOps 2.1 Toolkit: Docker Swarm, and The DevOps 2.2 Toolkit: Self-Sufficient Docker Clusters, Viktor Farcic brings his latest exploration of the DevOps Toolkit as he takes you on a journey to explore the features of Kubernetes. The DevOps 2.3 Toolkit: Kubernetes is a book in the series that helps you build a full DevOps Toolkit. This book in the series looks at Kubernetes, the tool designed to, among other roles, make it easier in the creation and deployment of highly available and fault-tolerant applications at scale, with zero downtime. Within this book, Viktor will cover a wide range of emerging topics, including what exactly Kubernetes is, how to use both first and third-party add-ons for projects, and how to get the skills to be able to call yourself a “Kubernetes ninja.” Work with Viktor and dive into the creation and exploration of Kubernetes with a series of hands-on guides.
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We cannot explore solutions before we know what the problems are. Therefore, we'll re-create a few objects using the knowledge we already gained. That will let us see whether Kubernetes services satisfy all the needs users of our applications might have. Or, to be more explicit, we'll explore which features we're missing when making our applications accessible to users.

We already discussed that it is a bad practice to publish fixed ports through services. That method is likely to result in conflicts or, at the very least, create the additional burden of carefully keeping track of which port belongs to which service. We already discarded that option before, and we won't change our minds now. Since we've clarified that, let's go back and create the Deployments and the...