Mastering Windows Server 2019 - Second Edition

Mastering Windows Server 2019 - Second Edition

Domain Name System (DNS)

If we consider Active Directory Domain Services to be the most common and central role in making our Microsoft-centric networks function, then the Domain Name System (DNS) role slides in at number two. I am yet to meet an admin who has chosen to deploy a domain without deploying DNS at the same time: they always go hand-in-hand.

DNS is a service that is typically provided by a Windows Server, but doesn't have to be. There are many different platforms available all the way from Linux servers to specialized hardware appliances designed specifically for managing DNS within a network that can be utilized for this role. For most Microsoft-centric networks, and for the purposes of this book, we will assume that you want to use Windows Server 2019 for hosting the DNS role.

DNS is similar to Active Directory in that it is a structured database that is often...

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