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Keycloak - Identity and Access Management for Modern Applications

By : Stian Thorgersen, Pedro Igor Silva
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Keycloak - Identity and Access Management for Modern Applications

By: Stian Thorgersen, Pedro Igor Silva

Overview of this book

Implementing authentication and authorization for applications can be a daunting experience, often leaving them exposed to security vulnerabilities. Keycloak is an open-source solution for identity management and access management for modern applications, which can make a world of difference if you learn how to use it. Keycloak, helping you get started with using it and securing your applications. Complete with hands-on tutorials, best practices, and self-assessment questions, this easy-to-follow guide will show you how to secure a sample application and then move on to securing different application types. As you progress, you will understand how to configure and manage Keycloak as well as how to leverage some of its more advanced capabilities. Finally, you'll gain insights into securely using Keycloak in production. By the end of this book, you will have learned how to install and manage Keycloak as well as how to secure new and existing applications.
Table of Contents (21 chapters)
Section 1: Getting Started with Keycloak
Section 2: Securing Applications with Keycloak
Section 3: Configuring and Managing Keycloak
Section 4: Security Considerations

Looking at other customization points

In the previous sections, you learned about just a subset of the customization points that you have available in Keycloak. As mentioned earlier, Keycloak is built around the concept of SPIs and there are many other customization points that you might find useful.

The best source for querying the available SPIs is the documentation available at Some key SPIs are also covered by examples in the Keycloak Quickstart repository available at

From the documentation, you may be interested in looking at the following SPIs:

  • User Storage
  • Event Listener

The User Storage SPI allows you to integrate Keycloak with any external identity store. A common use case for it is to fetch identity data from an existing database.