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Zero Trust Overview and Playbook Introduction

By : Mark Simos, Nikhil Kumar
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Zero Trust Overview and Playbook Introduction

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By: Mark Simos, Nikhil Kumar

Overview of this book

Zero Trust is cybersecurity for the digital era and cloud computing, protecting business assets anywhere on any network. By going beyond traditional network perimeter approaches to security, Zero Trust helps you keep up with ever-evolving threats. The playbook series provides simple, clear, and actionable guidance that fully answers your questions on Zero Trust using current threats, real-world implementation experiences, and open global standards. The Zero Trust playbook series guides you with specific role-by-role actionable information for planning, executing, and operating Zero Trust from the boardroom to technical reality. This first book in the series helps you understand what Zero Trust is, why it’s important for you, and what success looks like. You’ll learn about the driving forces behind Zero Trust – security threats, digital and cloud transformations, business disruptions, business resilience, agility, and adaptability. The six-stage playbook process and real-world examples will guide you through cultural, technical, and other critical elements for success. By the end of this book, you’ll have understood how to start and run your Zero Trust journey with clarity and confidence using this one-of-a-kind series that answers the why, what, and how of Zero Trust!
Table of Contents (13 chapters)
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Chapter 2: Reading the Zero Trust Playbook Series


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access control 40

Acme Bank example 128

cultural elements 200

key roles 199

Zero Trust security priorities 200-204

Acme Energy

components 111

Agile delivery

and playbooks 160, 161

agile roadmap 130

in Zero Trust 131

long term 130

medium term 130

planning, example 131

short term 130

Zero Trust strategy, building 132-134

agile security 75, 76


applying 76

principles 76

AI shared responsibility model 72

analysis paralysis

avoiding 162

antifragility 78

APIs 41

applications and systems 43, 44

architect alignment 186

artificial general intelligence (AGI) 67

artificial intelligence (AI) 20, 43, 61, 98, 194

impact 63-66

impact, on Zero Trust 73, 74

limitations 67-69

asset-centric and data-centric...