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50 Kubernetes Concepts Every DevOps Engineer Should Know

By : Michael Levan
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50 Kubernetes Concepts Every DevOps Engineer Should Know

5 (1)
By: Michael Levan

Overview of this book

Kubernetes is a trending topic among engineers, CTOs, CIOs, and other technically sound professionals. Due to its proliferation and importance for all cloud technologies, DevOps engineers nowadays need a solid grasp of key Kubernetes concepts to help their organization thrive. This book equips you with all the requisite information about how Kubernetes works and how to use it for the best results. You’ll learn everything from why cloud native is important to implementing Kubernetes clusters to deploying applications in production. This book takes you on a learning journey, starting from what cloud native is and how to get started with Kubernetes in the cloud, on-premises, and PaaS environments such as OpenShift. Next, you’ll learn about deploying applications in many ways, including Deployment specs, Ingress Specs, and StatefulSet specs. Finally, you’ll be comfortable working with Kubernetes monitoring, observability, and security. Each chapter of 50 Kubernetes Concepts Every DevOps Engineer Should Know is built upon the previous chapter, ensuring that you develop practical skills as you work through the code examples in GitHub, allowing you to follow along while giving you practical knowledge. By the end of this book, you’ll be able to implement Kubernetes in any environment, whether it’s an existing environment, a greenfield environment, or your very own lab running in the cloud or your home.
Table of Contents (14 chapters)
Part 1: First 20 Kubernetes Concepts – In and Out of the Cloud
Part 2: Next 15 Kubernetes Concepts – Application Strategy and Deployments
Part 3: Final 15 Kubernetes Concepts – Security and Monitoring


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abstraction 14

disadvantages 15

tasks, in Dev 14

tasks, in Ops 15

AKS cluster

and Virtual Kubelet 29

creating, manually 21-24

creating, with automation 24-26

maintaining 29

managing 29

scaling 26-29

Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) 212

Amazon Web Services (AWS) 211

OpenShift cluster, setting up on 68-74

application deployments

troubleshooting 154, 160, 161

Application Program Interface (API) 13

ArgoCD 149

configuring 149-151

audit logging 230-234

AWS Container Insights 189, 190


Azure Active Directory (AAD) 10

Azure Arc 92

Azure Container Apps (ACA) 20

Azure Container Instances (ACI) 29

Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) 8, 20, 106

Azure Monitor 186-189

Azure Stack HCI 91


Center for Internet Security...