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Terraform Cookbook - Second Edition

By : Mikael Krief
4.5 (2)
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Terraform Cookbook - Second Edition

4.5 (2)
By: Mikael Krief

Overview of this book

Imagine effortlessly provisioning complex cloud infrastructure across various cloud platforms, all while ensuring robustness, reusability, and security. Introducing the Terraform Cookbook, Second Edition - your go-to guide for mastering Infrastructure as Code (IaC) effortlessly. This new edition is packed with real-world examples for provisioning robust Cloud infrastructure mainly across Azure but also with a dedicated chapter for AWS and GCP. You will delve into manual and automated testing with Terraform configurations, creating and managing a balanced, efficient, reusable infrastructure with Terraform modules. You will learn how to automate the deployment of Terraform configurations through continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD), unleashing Terraform's full potential. New chapters have been added that describe the use of Terraform for Docker and Kubernetes, and explain how to test Terraform configurations using different tools to check code and security compliance. The book devotes an entire chapter to achieving proficiency in Terraform Cloud, covering troubleshooting strategies for common issues and offering resolutions to frequently encountered errors. Get the insider knowledge to boost productivity with Terraform - the indispensable guide for anyone adopting Infrastructure as Code solutions.
Table of Contents (20 chapters)
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Terraform Cookbook, Second Edition: Provision, run, and scale Azure, AWS, and GCP architecture with real-world examples

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  1. Chapter 1: Setting Up the Terraform Environment
  2. Chapter 2: Writing Terraform Configuration
  3. Chapter 3: Scaling your Infrastructure with Terraform
  4. Chapter 4: Using Terraform with External Data
  5. Chapter 5: Managing the Terraform...