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Modernizing Legacy Applications to Microsoft Azure

By : Steve Read, Larry Mead
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Modernizing Legacy Applications to Microsoft Azure

By: Steve Read, Larry Mead

Overview of this book

Organizations have varying circumstances, objectives, and prerequisites when contemplating a hyper-scale cloud solution transformation to a platform such as Azure. Modernizing Legacy Applications to Microsoft Azure uncovers potential scenarios and provides choices, methodologies, techniques, and prospective possibilities for transitioning from legacy applications to the Microsoft Azure environment. You’ll start by understanding the legacy systems and the main concerns regarding migration. Then, you’ll investigate why distributed architectures are compelling and the various components of the Azure platform needed during migration. After that, you’ll explore the approaches to modernizing legacy applications and the Rs of modernizing (i.e., rehost, refactor, rearchitect, and retire). You’ll also learn about integration approaches and potential pitfalls. By the end of this book, you’ll be well equipped to modernize your legacy workloads while being aware of pitfalls and best practices.
Table of Contents (18 chapters)
Part 1: Legacy Estate Options
Chapter 2: Strategies for Modernizing IBM and Unisys Mainframes
Part 2: Architecture Options
Part 3: Azure Deployment and Future Considerations


Unisys was formed from the merger of two companies in 1986: Burroughs and Sperry. The name is derived from three words—united, information, and systems. While the original intention was to unify the two operating systems, they still exist today as separate operating systems. Each of the merged companies had a line of mainframes, and these separate types of systems still exist today after over 30 years. Libra is the new name for the Burroughs product line, and Dorado is the new name for the Sperry line.

As these are different types of mainframes than IBM, we will look at them separately for modernizing to Azure.

Unlike IBM with the Z-series systems, Unisys has taken a different approach to modernizing its mainframe customers. It has created a hardware emulator that runs on x86 platforms for both the Burroughs and Sperry systems. The collective product name for this offering is ClearPath Forward. There is ClearPath Forward for the Burroughs system, Libra, and ClearPath...