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Efficient Cloud FinOps

By : Alfonso San Miguel Sánchez, Danny Obando García
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Efficient Cloud FinOps

By: Alfonso San Miguel Sánchez, Danny Obando García

Overview of this book

In response to the escalating challenges of cloud adoption, where balancing costs and maximizing cloud values is paramount, FinOps practices have emerged as the cornerstone of fi nancial optimization. This book serves as your comprehensive guide to understanding how FinOps is implemented in organizations worldwide through team collaboration and proper cloud governance. Presenting FinOps from a practical point of view, covering the three phases—inform, optimize, and operate—this book demonstrates an end-to-end methodology for optimizing costs and performing financial management in the cloud. You’ll learn how to design KPIs and dashboards for judicious cost allocation, covering key features of cloud services such as reserved instances, rightsizing, scaling, and automation for cost optimization. This book further simplifi es architectural concepts and best practices, enabling you to design superior and more optimized solutions. Finally, you’ll discover potential synergies and future challenges, from the integration of artifi cial intelligence to cloud sustainability considerations, to prepare for the future of cloud FinOps. By the end of this book, you’ll have built the expertise to seamlessly implement FinOps practices across major public clouds, armed with insights and ideas to propel your organization toward business growth.
Table of Contents (21 chapters)
Free Chapter
Part 1:Get Started with FinOps
Part 2:Inform – How to Increase Cost Visibility
Part 3:Optimize – How to Get the Most out of Cloud Resources
Part 4:Operate – How to Set Up a Governance Model around Cloud Costs
Part 5:Hands-On Cost Optimization with Real-Life Use Cases and More

Part 1:Get Started with FinOps

In this part, we will go through all the ideas behind FinOps practices, and we will also explain in depth why this buzzword is becoming so popular.

Once through the basics, we will deep dive into how FinOps practices can fit and benefit multiple organizations in different stages of their cloud journey, as well as the synergies to be found with widely used methodologies such as DevOps and Agile.

This part has the following chapters:

  • Chapter 1, Introduction to FinOps Principles
  • Chapter 2, Understanding How FinOps Fits in Cloud Governance