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DevOps Unleashed with Git and GitHub

By : Yuki Hattori
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DevOps Unleashed with Git and GitHub

By: Yuki Hattori

Overview of this book

Git and GitHub are absolutely crucial for DevOps, playing a multifaceted role in streamlining the software development lifecycle and enabling smoother collaboration between development and operations teams. DevOps Unleashed with Git and GitHub enables you to harness the power of Git and GitHub to streamline workflows, drive collaboration, and fuel innovation. Authored by an expert from GitHub, the book starts by guiding you through Git fundamentals and delving into DevOps and the developer experience. As you progress, you’ll understand how to leverage GitHub's collaboration and automation features, and even use GitHub Copilot for enhanced productivity. You'll also learn how to bridge the DevOps gap, maintain code quality, and implement robust security measures. Additionally, hands-on exercises will equip you to elevate your developer experience, foster teamwork, and drive innovation at the speed of DevOps. By the end of this DevOps book, you’ll have mastered the Git fundamentals, conquered collaboration challenges, and unleashed the power of GitHub as you transform your DevOps workflows.
Table of Contents (14 chapters)
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Part 1: Foundations of Git, GitHub, and DevOps
Part 2: GitHub Excellence and CI/CD Fundamentals
Part 3: Beyond DevOps

Embracing AI in development — The next evolutionary step in software engineering

We now turn our attention to a transformative force that is reshaping the industry: AI. This transition into the realm of AI marks a paradigm shift, not just in how we develop software but in how we perceive and interact with technology as a whole. Now let’s think together about how AI is revolutionizing development, urging us to embrace learning and innovation and ultimately guiding us toward a future where technology and human ingenuity coalesce.

AI is not just another tool in the developer’s arsenal; it represents a fundamental shift in the development process. With AI’s ability to generate code, the landscape of development is undergoing a seismic change. In my opinion, this revolution is not about replacing human developers but enhancing and augmenting their capabilities. AI empowers developers to focus on creative problem-solving and strategic thinking, leaving some...