Kubernetes and Docker - An Enterprise Guide

Kubernetes and Docker - An Enterprise Guide

Section 1: Docker and Container Fundamentals
Section 2: Creating Kubernetes Development Clusters, Understanding objects, and Exposing Services
Section 3: Running Kubernetes in the Enterprise


In this chapter, we explored the security of the Kubernetes Dashboard in detail. First, we walked through the architecture and how the dashboard passes your identity information on to the API server. We then explored how the dashboard gets compromised, and finally we detailed how to correctly deploy the dashboard securely.

With this knowledge, you can now provide a secured tool to your users. Many users prefer the simplicity of accessing the dashboard via a web browser. Adding multi-factor authentication adds an additional layer of security and peace of mind. When your security team questions the security of the dashboard, you'll have the answers needed to satisfy their concerns.

The previous three chapters focused on the security of the Kubernetes APIs. Next, we'll explore securing the soft underbelly of every Kubernetes deployment, nodes!

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