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ASP.NET 3.5 Application Architecture and Design

By : Vivek Thakur
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ASP.NET 3.5 Application Architecture and Design

By: Vivek Thakur

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Chapter 9. Localization

You may be wondering why a chapter on localization would be included in a book on ASP.NET architecture and design. As explained earlier, the primary goal of this book is to make the developer familiar with all of the major aspects—from architecture and design to implementation—so that he or she can develop and design medium to large-scale web applications. There are many tasks that go into the making of a scalable multilingual ASP.NET web application. Making sure that the application is capable of supporting different cultures and locales is one of them.

The fact is that most web applications do not focus only on users belonging to a specific region but cater to users spread across various countries and continents. It makes more business sense to launch applications in multiple countries and target users around the world. For this to be possible, we have to make sure that our application is usable by people from different countries and cultures, as not everyone is...