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FreeSWITCH Cookbook

By : Raymond Chandler, Darren Schreiber, Anthony Minessale II, Michael Collins
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FreeSWITCH Cookbook

By: Raymond Chandler, Darren Schreiber, Anthony Minessale II, Michael Collins

Overview of this book

FreeSWITCH is an open source telephony platform designed to facilitate the creation of voice, chat, and video applications. It can scale from a soft-phone to a PBX and even up to an enterprise-class softswitch.In the FreeSWITCH Cookbook, members of the FreeSWITCH development team share some of their hard-earned knowledge with you in the book's recipes. Use this knowledge to improve and expand your FreeSWITCH installations.The FreeSWITCH Cookbook is an essential addition to any VoIP administrator's library.The book starts with recipes on how to handle call routing and then discusses connecting your FreeSWITCH server to the outside world.It then teaches you more advanced topics like CDR handling, practical examples of controlling FreeSWITCH with the event socket, and configuring many features commonly associated with a PBX installation.
Table of Contents (12 chapters)
FreeSWITCH Cookbook
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Using phrase macros to build sound prompts

It is frequently necessary to piece together smaller sound recordings to create longer ones. The FreeSWITCH phrase macro system is a very powerful tool for not only piecing together individual sound files, but also for adding a little bit of logic so that your phrases are more than the mere amalgamation of individual sound prompts.

Getting ready

You will need a text editor and at least one SIP phone for this recipe. It is also recommended that you review the phrase file for your language. For English this is found in the FreeSWITCH source directory in docs/phrase/phrase_en.xml. The phrase_en.xml file contains both the file name of each pre-recorded prompt as well as the actual spoken text. Prompts are divided into sections such as voicemail, IVR, currency, digits, and time. By far the largest collection of sound prompts is in the IVR section.

In this recipe we will create a simple dialplan extension that will read back to the caller his extension number...