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Oracle Solaris 11 Advanced Administration Cookbook

By : Alexandre Borges
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Oracle Solaris 11 Advanced Administration Cookbook

By: Alexandre Borges

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Oracle Solaris 11 Advanced Administration Cookbook
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Working with migrations from physical Oracle Solaris 10 hosts to Oracle Solaris 11 Zones

Two common questions arise when considering how to deploy Oracle Solaris 11. First, what can we do with the previous Oracle Solaris 10 installation? Second (and worse), what is possible with Oracle Solaris 10 Zones?

Happily, Oracle Solaris 11 provides an optimal solution for both cases: the physical to virtual (P2V) migration where a physical Oracle Solaris 10 installation is migrated to Oracle Solaris 11 Zone and the virtual to virtual (V2V) migration where an Oracle Solaris 10 native zone is migrated to a Solaris 10 branded zone on Oracle Solaris 11.

Getting ready

This recipe requires one virtual machine (VirtualBox or VMware) with Oracle Solaris 11 installed, 8 GB RAM, and enough free space on disk (about 10 GB). To make things easier, the pool myzone (from the previous recipe) will be used, and if you have deleted it, you should create it again using the zpool create myzone <disks> command. Furthermore...