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Lucene 4 Cookbook

By : Edwood Ng, Vineeth Mohan
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Lucene 4 Cookbook

By: Edwood Ng, Vineeth Mohan

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Lucene 4 Cookbook
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Creating a TextField

Don't be confused between a StringField and TextField. Although both the fields contain textual data, there are major differences between these two fields. A StringField is not tokenized and it's a good tool for exact match and sorting. A TextField is tokenized and it's useful for storing any unstructured text for indexing. When you pass the text into an Analyzer for indexing, a TextField is what's used to store the text content.

How to do it...

Similar to the way in which a StringField is set, adding a TextField is also very straightforward. Let's review how it's done:

    Document document = new Document();
    String text = "Lucene is an Information Retrieval library written in Java.";
    doc.add(new TextField("text", text, Field.Store.YES));

How it works...

This is a very simple example showing how a TextField is added, assuming that you have an Analyzer already created for the IndexWriter on the text field...