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Web Scraping with Python

By : Richard Penman
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Web Scraping with Python

By: Richard Penman

Overview of this book

Table of Contents (16 chapters)


Scrapy can be installed with the pip command, as follows:

pip install Scrapy

Scrapy relies on some external libraries so if you have trouble installing it there is additional information available on the official website at:

Currently, Scrapy only supports Python 2.7, which is more restrictive than other packages introduced in this book. Previously, Python 2.6 was also supported, but this was dropped in Scrapy 0.20. Also due to the dependency on Twisted, support for Python 3 is not yet possible, though the Scrapy team assures me they are working to solve this.

If Scrapy is installed correctly, a scrapy command will now be available in the terminal:

$ scrapy -h
Scrapy 0.24.4 - no active project

  scrapy <command> [options] [args]

Available commands:
  bench         Run quick benchmark test
  check         Check spider contracts
  crawl         Run a spider

We will use the following commands in this chapter...