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Data Analysis with STATA

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Data Analysis with STATA

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Data Analysis with Stata
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The labeling of data, variables, and variable transformations

Stata is easy to use and gives you the leverage point of labeling different variables in the data you have acquired/imported. It also allows you to:

  • Label the dataset itself

  • Label different value signs in the imported dataset

  • Label various variables in the imported dataset

For example, let's assume that we have a dataset with no labels. The name of the dataset/filename is Fridge_sales.

You can leverage Stata functions and commands and do not have to write code from the beginning.

To get details of the current dataset (Fridge_sales), type the following command in Stata:


Here is the output of this command:

Now, you can leverage a command called label data so that you can add the label that can describe the dataset in detail. The label of the dataset can have a maximum length of 80 characters. To label the data, use the following command:

label data "This dataset has fridge sales data from year 2000"

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