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Mastering QlikView

By : Stephen Redmond
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Mastering QlikView

By: Stephen Redmond

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Mastering QlikView
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Chapter 4. Data Governance


"The most valuable commodity I know of is information."

 --Gordon Gekko, Wall Street

Do you know how many QlikView applications are being used in your organization? Do you know who is using these applications? Do you know where all the data comes from for those applications? How are people calculating different metrics?

The answer to all of these questions might actually be, "Yes, yes I do." If so, it may be that you already have a data governance strategy in place or you just might not need one. If everything is tightly controlled within a small group of QlikView developers, perhaps a QlikView Center of Excellence, then you probably have a good grip on this. However, if your organization is less structured than that and you have many QlikView developers spread around, all creating their own applications, then you will need to think about answering these questions.

Data governance starts at the top of the organization. Without serious management buy-in to the process...