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Mastering QlikView

By : Stephen Redmond
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Mastering QlikView

By: Stephen Redmond

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Mastering QlikView
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Using advanced Set Analysis

Basic Set Analysis should be in even the most junior QlikView developer's arsenal of tools. The ability to add modifiers, most frequently to the $ set, allows us to perform some very useful calculations that we either couldn't perform at all without Set Analysis, or that would have required us to do a lot more work.

Identifying the identifiers

We should already know about at least two of the identifiers that we can use in a Set Analysis expression: 1 and $. We also should know that the $ set is the default so that if there is no set identifier specified, then QlikView will use the $ set, which is just for current selections.

The following table shows a list of all the identifiers that you may come across:




This is the universe—it represents all of the values within the document, ignoring any selections.


This is the set that represents the values in the dataset as they are based on current selections. This is the default set.


This set represents...