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Mastering Splunk

By : James D. Miller
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Mastering Splunk

By: James D. Miller

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Mastering Splunk
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Creating effective dashboards

Splunk makes it easy to build and edit dashboards without writing a single line of code. However, the question is what is a dashboard?


A dashboard provides a visual interface that displays the key indicators to users in a single view. This view—called a dashboard—is designed to consolidate numerous areas of interest in order to increase the visibility of critical information.

In Splunk Web, every single (web) page is known as a view. Some of these views are shipped with and installed with Splunk by default (such as the Search & Reporting app). Splunk allows you to add new views to its apps and when you create your own Splunk apps, you can design and build views for them.

In Splunk, a dashboard is always associated with a specific app and is a type of view that is made up of panels. These panels can contain modules such as:

  • Search boxes

  • Fields

  • Charts

  • Tables

  • Lists

So, let's take a closer look at these objects.


A Splunk view is a user interface that you build...