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Making Big Data Work for Your Business

By : Sudhi Ranjan Sinha
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Making Big Data Work for Your Business

By: Sudhi Ranjan Sinha

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Making Big Data Work for Your Business
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In this chapter, you developed some perceptible opportunities around big data from some concepts and strategies discussed in the previous chapter. By now, you have:

  • Built a Data Catalog

  • Understood the concept of crafting business opportunities using big data analytics into Gold Coin projects

  • Identified your Gold Coins

  • Assessed and prioritized your Gold Coins

  • Created your Opportunity Catalog and started building your Gold Mine

You are now all set to get started and raring to go.

You can get started even if you have one Gold Coin. If you are part of a smaller organization, a start-up, or just getting initiated into big data, starting with one Gold Coin is a good idea. If you have more, select the top highest ranked ones and build project teams and plans around those. It is better not to start too many because there is valuable learning from each of the projects that will help you refine your future course of action. Initially, each Gold Coin project will need lot of time from you; you will...