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Making Big Data Work for Your Business

By : Sudhi Ranjan Sinha
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Making Big Data Work for Your Business

By: Sudhi Ranjan Sinha

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Making Big Data Work for Your Business
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Treating customer-facing applications differently

Usually, Big Data projects are internal-facing. However, every now and then, you will have a Gold Coin idea that will end up in a customer-facing application. In many cases, some part of the output from your Gold Coin idea will end up facing the customer. There are two very important considerations for all such applications—protecting your intellectual property and delivering an exceptional user experience.

Intellectual property protection

In every Big Data project, there is, as you would expect, a wealth of information about your business, which is your competitive differentiator—your secret sauce for success. The inner workings of your business are captured in these projects. If customers, and possibly competitors, get access to this, this could cause real damage to your business.

To protect your intellectual property, you need to take care that none of the inner workings in your application package are exposed to the user. None of your data...