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OpenCV 3.0 Computer Vision with Java

By : Daniel Lelis Baggio
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OpenCV 3.0 Computer Vision with Java

By: Daniel Lelis Baggio

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OpenCV 3.0 Computer Vision with Java
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Wow! A lot of details have been covered in this chapter, but we have finally grasped the development of a complete application for computer vision. We touched on the topic of core structure from OpenCV, which is the Mat class for basic pixel manipulation, and its close relation to Swing's BufferedImage class. Besides this, we covered important tasks such as opening image files and displaying them in a Swing application. The important area of live video streaming has been covered with the VideoCapture class, which shows you how to obtain frames from a webcam as well as from video files. Finally, we created a rich graphical user interface application with sliders, labels, buttons and by handling mouse events in Java.

The foundations of working with a Java OpenCV API have been set and we are ready to go on to the next chapter, which will deal with core operators in image processing, such as smoothing filters to remove noise, using morphological operators to isolate elements, using bucket...