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Python for Finance

By : Yuxing Yan
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Python for Finance

By: Yuxing Yan

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Python for Finance
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1. What is module dependency?

2. Why is it difficult to install NumPy independently?

3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of writing a module that depends on other modules?

4. What are the advantages of using a super package to install many modules simultaneously?

5. How do we find all the functions contained in NumPy and SciPy?

6. What is wrong with the following operation?


7. How can we print all the data items for a given array?

8. What is wrong with the following lines of code?

>>>import np

9. How can we iterate through an array?

10. Write a Python program to price a European call option using the cumulative standard normal distribution included in the SciPy module. Compare your result with the code in Chapter 4, 13 Lines of Python to Price a Call Option.

11. Find out the meaning of skewtest included in the stats submodule (SciPy), and give an example of using this function...