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Python for Finance

By : Yuxing Yan
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Python for Finance

By: Yuxing Yan

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Python for Finance
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Outputting data to external files

In this section, we discuss several ways to save our data, such as saving data or estimating results to a text file, a binary file, and so on.

Outputting data to a text file

The following code will download IBM's daily price historical data and save it to a text file:

>>>from import quotes_historical_yahoo
>>>import re
>>>p = quotes_historical_yahoo(ticker, begdate, enddate,asobject=True, adjusted=True)
>>>x2= re.sub('[\(\)\{\}\.<>a-zA-Z]','', x)

Saving our data to a binary file

The following program first generates a simple array that has just three values. We save them to a binary file named tmp.bin at C:\temp\:

>>>import array
>>>import numpy as np
>>>outfile = "c:/temp/tmp.bin...