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Mastering Social Media Mining with Python

By : Marco Bonzanini
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Mastering Social Media Mining with Python

By: Marco Bonzanini

Overview of this book

Your social media is filled with a wealth of hidden data – unlock it with the power of Python. Transform your understanding of your clients and customers when you use Python to solve the problems of understanding consumer behavior and turning raw data into actionable customer insights. This book will help you acquire and analyze data from leading social media sites. It will show you how to employ scientific Python tools to mine popular social websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Quora, and more. Explore the Python libraries used for social media mining, and get the tips, tricks, and insider insight you need to make the most of them. Discover how to develop data mining tools that use a social media API, and how to create your own data analysis projects using Python for clear insight from your social data.
Table of Contents (10 chapters)

Chapter 5.  Topic Analysis on Google+

This chapter focuses on Google+ (sometimes called Google Plus or simply G+), one of the most recent big players to join the social network arena. Launched in 2011, it is described as "a social layer across all of Google's services" ( It experienced an extremely rapid growth in its user base, with 10 million users after its first two weeks. After a number of redesigns, towards the end of 2015, Google revealed their larger focus on communities and collections, moving the service towards interest-based networking.

In this chapter, we will discuss the following topics:

  • How to interact with the Google+ API with the help of Python
  • How to search for people or pages on Google+
  • How to use the web framework, Flask, to visualize search results in a web GUI
  • How to process content from a user's post to extract interesting keywords