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Scala for Machine Learning

By : Patrick R. Nicolas
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Scala for Machine Learning

By: Patrick R. Nicolas

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Scala for Machine Learning
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The theory of evolution, enunciated by Charles Darwin, describes the morphological adaptation of living organisms [10:3].

The origin

The Darwinian process consists of optimizing the morphology of organisms to adapt to the harshest environments—hydrodynamic optimization for fishes, aerodynamic for birds, or stealth skills for predators. The following diagram shows a gene:

The population of organisms varies over time. The number of individuals within a population changes, sometimes dramatically. These variations are usually associated with the abundance or lack of predators and prey as well as the changing environment. Only the fittest organisms within the population can survive over time by adapting quickly to sudden changes in living environments and new constraints.

NP problems

NP stands for nondeterministic polynomial time. The NP problems' concept relates to the theory of computation and more precisely, time and space complexity. The categories of NP problems are as follows:

  • P-problems...