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Scala for Machine Learning

By : Patrick R. Nicolas
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Scala for Machine Learning

By: Patrick R. Nicolas

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Scala for Machine Learning
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Performance consideration

The time complexity for decoding and evaluating canonical forms of the hidden Markov model for N states and T observations is O(N2T). The training of the HMM using the Baum-Welch algorithm is O(N2TM), where M is the number of iterations.

There are several options to improve the performance of the HMM:

  • Avoid unnecessary multiplication by 0 in the emission probabilities matrix by either using sparse matrices or tracking the null entries.

  • Train the HMM on the most relevant subset of the training data. This technique can be particularly effective in the case of tagging of words or a bag of words in natural language processing.

The training of the linear chain conditional random fields is implemented using the same dynamic programming techniques as the HMM implementation (Viterbi, forward-backward passes, and so on). Its time complexity for training T data sequences, N labels (or expected outcomes), and M weights/features λ is O(MTN2).

The time complexity of the training...