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Scala for Machine Learning

By : Patrick R. Nicolas
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Scala for Machine Learning

By: Patrick R. Nicolas

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Scala for Machine Learning
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This concludes not only the journey inside the multilayer perceptron, but also the introduction of the supervised learning algorithms. In this chapter, you learned:

  • The components and architecture of artificial neural networks

  • The stages of the training cycle (or epoch) for the backpropagation multilayer perceptron

  • How to implement an MLP from the ground up in Scala

  • The numerous configuration parameters and options available to create the MLP classification or regression model.

  • To evaluate the impact of the learning rate and the gradient descent momentum factor on the convergence of the training process.

  • How to apply a multilayer perceptron to the financial analysis of the fluctuation of currencies

  • An overview of the convolution neural network

The next chapter will introduce the concept of genetic algorithms with a complete implementation in Scala. Although, strictly speaking, genetic algorithms do not belong to the family of machine learning algorithms, they play a crucial role in the optimization...