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A flight ticket analytics scenario

A flight booking agency can find data analytics very important to improve its business. It has the following information per booked ticket about the passenger and the flight:

  • The time of booking

  • The time of flight departure

  • The time of flight arrival

  • The airport from which the plane departs

  • The airport at which the plane arrives

  • Whether the passenger is male or female

  • The purpose of his/her visit

  • Whether the passenger is travelling economy or business class

So, with this information, we can model the document in JSON, as follows:

    "departure" : {  
      "time" : "2014-10-10 01:01:01",
      "airport" : "Kochi",
    "arrival" : {  
      "time" : "2014-10-10 01:01:01",
      "airport" : "Bangalore",
    "passengerDetails" : {
      "name" : "Damodar Das",
      "purposeOfVisit" : "WorkRelated",
      "sex" : "Male"
    "ticketType" : "Business",
    "timeOfBooking" : "2014-09-09 09:09:01"

Index creation and mapping

Elasticsearch is schemaless...