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Chapter 8. Handling Time-based Data

In this chapter, we will explore the solutions to the difficulties that we face when we use conventional indexing in Elasticsearch. You would be introduced to the following topics in this chapter:

  • Problems encountered using conventionally unplanned indexing data that is time-based

  • Indexing time-based data in Elasticsearch

  • Overriding defaults for future indices

  • Overriding index-level, type-level, and field-level settings

  • Conducting high-performance search in time-based data

  • Tuning performance of recent data

In the previous chapters, we saw how to index data in Elasticsearch. Now that we have done a pretty basic form of indexing, let's examine the pros of cons of the normal approach. In the indexing approach so far, we saw that when we create an index, we also define the number of shards associated with it. Once we create an index, we can't increase or decrease its number of shards.

Shards, as you may recall, are where our data is contained. However, once we specify...