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ElasticSearch Blueprints

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ElasticSearch Blueprints

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Snapshot creation

We saw the creation and registration of a repository in the previous section; now, we can move forward to the creation of snapshots.

Creating a snapshot named snap01 in the index_backup repository can be done by the following command:

PUT /_snapshot/index_backup/snap01

We can also use the wait_for_completion parameter along with the preceding command as follows:

PUT /_snapshot/index_backup/snap01?wait_for_completion=true

The wait_for_completion parameter if set to true, will wait till the snapshot is created and then only the request would return. Whereas, the false value would return the request immediately while allowing the snapshot creation to be done in the background. The default value for wait_for_completion is taken as false, even if the parameter is not mentioned during snapshot creation.

Snapshot creation on specific indices

When we create a snapshot, by default, it would take backups of all the up and running indices in the cluster. This behavior may be not fine in...