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The curator

Curator is tool developed in Python by the Elasticsearch community to curate or manage the time-based indices in Elasticsearch. The main aim of curator is to run operations on time-based modeled indices. Say, we want to optimize all indices older than today. We will need to query and understand which all indices come under this condition and then, we need to run the command for each of the index. This might be a time-consuming process. For this, we can use curator and ask it to do tasks on time-based indices for us. For instance, we can tell curator to delete/optimize indices older than a day.

Curator understands various time-based index name formats once they are given as command-line arguments. Using the same, you can issue various commands.

By using curator, we can perform the previously mentioned operations on the index, such as:

  • Shard allocation

  • Opening and closing of indices

  • Optimization

  • Snapshot creation