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IPython Notebook Essentials

By : Luiz Felipe Martins
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IPython Notebook Essentials

By: Luiz Felipe Martins

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IPython Notebook Essentials
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Accelerating computations with Numba and NumbaPro

In this section, we will discuss Numba and NumbaPro, two very exciting libraries to accelerate the NumPy code. Numba and NumbaPro were created by Continuum Analytics, the same company that produces the Anaconda distribution. Numba is part of the standard Anaconda distribution, but NumbaPro is a commercial product that must be purchased separately as part of the Accelerate package. However, NumbaPro can be downloaded for a free trial period.

These libraries are unique in that they allow the acceleration of code with the addition of a few lines of code. As the first example, let's consider the following lines of code to multiply two matrices:

def matrix_multiply(A, B):
    m, n = A.shape
    n, r = B.shape
    C = zeros((m, r), float64)
    for i in range(m):
        for j in range(r):
            acc = 0
            for k in range(n):
                acc += A[i, k] * B[k, j]
            C[i, j] = acc
    return C

The preceding code uses the...