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Apache Cassandra Essentials

By : Nitin Padalia
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Apache Cassandra Essentials

By: Nitin Padalia

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Apache Cassandra Essentials takes you step-by-step from from the basics of installation to advanced installation options and database design techniques. It gives you all the information you need to effectively design a well distributed and high performance database. You’ll get to know about the steps that are performed by a Cassandra node when you execute a read/write query, which is essential to properly maintain of a Cassandra cluster and to debug any issues. Next, you’ll discover how to integrate a Cassandra driver in your applications and perform read/write operations. Finally, you’ll learn about the various tools provided by Cassandra for serviceability aspects such as logging, metrics, backup, and recovery.
Table of Contents (14 chapters)
Apache Cassandra Essentials
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In this chapter, we discovered various features of Cassandra that make it an ultrafast, highly available, distributed database with no single point of failure. We discussed how these features are achieved by Cassandra internally, for example, we discussed how data is distributed and then replicated among nodes of a Cassandra cluster. We discussed various replication strategies that are available with Cassandra and the criteria to choose one. We also discussed various data distribution algorithms available with Cassandra. We saw how the vnodes feature in Cassandra enables more efficient data distribution and load sharing among nodes. In the next chapters, we'll discuss in detail how Cassandra does a read/write operation internally and the data structures it has to server a read/write request. We'll also discuss the various techniques it uses to persist data and the uses of various techniques such as caching or compaction to make our queries faster.