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Apache Cassandra Essentials

By : Nitin Padalia
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Apache Cassandra Essentials

By: Nitin Padalia

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Apache Cassandra Essentials takes you step-by-step from from the basics of installation to advanced installation options and database design techniques. It gives you all the information you need to effectively design a well distributed and high performance database. You’ll get to know about the steps that are performed by a Cassandra node when you execute a read/write query, which is essential to properly maintain of a Cassandra cluster and to debug any issues. Next, you’ll discover how to integrate a Cassandra driver in your applications and perform read/write operations. Finally, you’ll learn about the various tools provided by Cassandra for serviceability aspects such as logging, metrics, backup, and recovery.
Table of Contents (14 chapters)
Apache Cassandra Essentials
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Chapter 4. Read and Write – Behind the Scenes

We now know how we can read or write our data to Cassandra using CQL. But we haven't discussed what Cassandra actually does whenever we fire a read or write query. In this chapter, we'll discuss what is being done by Cassandra behind the scenes during our read or write requests. We'll see what all caching features does Cassandra provides are, and you'll see how they are applied by Cassandra so that we can enable them according to our needs. We'll also discuss write operations and a compaction process run to save disk space occupied by redundant data in various SSTable formed due to multiple flush operations over time. There are three compaction strategies; if used wisely, an appropriate compaction could make our search operation faster.