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R for Data Science

By : Dan Toomey
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R for Data Science

By: Dan Toomey

Overview of this book

Table of Contents (19 chapters)



  • Use of hexbin to manipulate bivariate data has shown several tools. What bivariate data do you have that would benefit from an application using hexbin?

  • The ggplothas function has several other features that I did not explore in this chapter. Familiarize yourself with them.

When, how, and why?

  • The map functionality appears to be very robust. How might you change the map function calls used in the chapter to result in a clearer graphic presentation?

  • In the sugar/alcohol graphics, should we exclude the outlier values?


  • Explore the use of the playwith tools to get a good idea about how the interaction works, especially the transfer of data between the external tool and R.

  • It was difficult to get any results from RgoogleMaps without running out of memory. I have to believe there is something worthwhile there to use.