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R for Data Science

By : Dan Toomey
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R for Data Science

By: Dan Toomey

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  • The barplot function has a number of optional parameters. It might be interesting to play with a dataset and the parameters.

  • When you are displaying a word cloud, the function might complain that some words might not fit. Determine whether there is a way that this can be overcome.

When, how, and why?

  • What is the best way to determine the number of bins to be used in the hexbin function?

  • It was very unclear when producing a stacked bar chart as to how to organize the data to arrive at the correct result. Select a dataset and produce a stacked chart that meets your needs.


  • There are several packages to produce plots. How would you select one of the packages to use for your plotting needs?

  • If there was a package that extracted just the text from a web page, that would be of tremendous use for R programming. Investigate whether anyone has made such a package or at least taken the initial steps.