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Learning Tableau

By : Joshua N. Milligan
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Learning Tableau

By: Joshua N. Milligan

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Learning Tableau
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Adding Value to Analysis – Trends, Distributions, and Forecasting

Story points

The story points feature allows you to tell a story using interactive snapshots of dashboards and views. The snapshots become points in a story. This allows you to construct a guided narrative or even an entire presentation.

Let's consider an example in which story points might be useful. Executive managers are pleased with the regional scorecard dashboard you developed. Now, they want you to make a presentation to the board and highlight some specific issues for the East region. With minimal effort, you can transform even a simple scorecard into an entire story, following steps such as these:

  1. First, we'll extend the scorecard with one additional view. Create a view similar to this one by double-clicking on the State field, adding Profit Ratio KPI to color, and including Profit Ratio on the Detail level of the Marks card. If needed, edit the color legend to use a Blue / Orange palette. If desired, increase the washout of the map to 100% (from the menu, navigate to Map | Options...