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Kibana Essentials

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Kibana Essentials

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Kibana Essentials
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Chapter 2. Exploring the Discover Page

Discover is one of the pages present in Kibana 4 that helps you to play around with your data. The Discover page is very crucial and plays an important role in understanding what your data is, what your data means, and how you can use this data for different kinds of visualization. This page gives you a full overview of your data including listings of indexes, listings of fields, and showing text contained in fields. In this page, you can view all the data stored in different indexes by changing the index pattern. You can search for data, query data, filter data, and view search results. Every search query result shows the matching documents. You can also view field-specific data on this page. Histogram is displayed on this page, which helps you to view your data on a time basis for which a time field has to be specified for every index.

The Discover page contains the following notable components:

  • Time filter

  • Toolbar

  • Index name

  • Fields list

  • Document data

  • Histogram...