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Kibana Essentials

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Kibana Essentials

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Kibana Essentials
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Chapter 5. Exploring the Settings Page

The Settings page is one of the pages present in Kibana 4 that helps you customize and tweak the various settings provided in order to use Kibana efficiently. This page gives you a full overview of the different types of indices present wherein you can configure as many index patterns as you want, followed by the advanced settings in which, settings that are either undocumented, unsupported, or experimental can be tweaked, along with managing and editing saved objects such as Dashboards, Searches, and Visualizations.


Use advanced settings very carefully, changing it can have unintended outcomes.

The Settings page contains the following tabs:

  • Indices

  • Advanced

  • Objects

  • About

In this chapter, we will go through all of these tabs in brief. Let's explore these tabs and understand the settings provided for each of them.