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Kibana Essentials

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Kibana Essentials

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Kibana Essentials
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The workflow for real-time Twitter data analysis

In this section, we will cover the end-to-end workflow of how to fetch tweets using Logstash and visualize tweets with Kibana.

The workflow for real-time Twitter data analysis will be as follows:

  • Creating a Twitter developer account to get keys to fetch tweets

  • Creating a Logstash configuration file that specifies the input and output

  • Fetching tweets using the Logstash Twitter input

  • Storing tweets in Elasticsearch using the Logstash Elasticsearch output

  • Analyzing Twitter data and creating visualizations in Kibana for scenarios

This analysis can be performed for a wide range of activities, such as marketing, brand building, brand management, customer focus, and so on. In this chapter, we will focus on how a company can use Twitter to build their brand and get unique statistics related to it using Twitter. Also, this would be useful for a company to monitor their marketing campaigns.

At the end of this chapter, you will be able to answer questions such...