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Predictive Analytics Using Rattle and Qlik Sense

By : Ferran Garcia Pagans, Fernando G Pagans
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Predictive Analytics Using Rattle and Qlik Sense

By: Ferran Garcia Pagans, Fernando G Pagans

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Predictive Analytics Using Rattle and Qlik Sense
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Downloading and installing Rattle

Rattle is an R package, which is a collection of functions and data someone else has developed, and we can use it in our programs. If you already have some hands-on experience with R, then this task should be a much lighter task.

Before starting with the installation, remember that you need an active Internet connection. The following are the steps to install Rattle:

  1. We will install Rattle from R Console; to open it double-click on the R x64 3.1.1 desktop icon.

  2. In R Console, type install.packages("rattle") and press Enter. The R Console will show you a list of CRAN mirrors; choose a download mirror that is the closest to your geographic location and R will download the Rattle package, as shown here:

  3. After you have downloaded it, type library(rattle) and R will load the Rattle package into memory, and you will be able to use it. Use the rattle() command to start Rattle:


    Rattle needs other R packages to work properly, the first time you open Rattle, the system will ask your permission to install some packages; in order to execute Rattle, you have to accept the installation of these packages.

  4. To exit, click on the Quit icon from Rattle GUI and type q() in the R Console:


    If you are from a non-English speaking country, you've probably installed everything in English, but Rattle's texts appear in your own language. Rattle will work fine in your language, but this book is written in English and it will refer to Rattle's functions and menus using English names. If you prefer to execute Rattle in English, quit Rattle and type Sys.setenv(LANGUAGE="en") in your R Console and start Rattle again.


    Rattle's menu now appears in English.