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Oracle Goldengate 12c Implementers Guide

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Oracle Goldengate 12c Implementers Guide

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Oracle GoldenGate 12c Implementer's Guide
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Reporting and statistics

An important feature of any computer system is its ability to report and provide statistics on its availability and performance. GoldenGate offers a number of options to monitor status, latency, and throughput using its command-line interface.

To monitor errors and warnings, we can look beyond the GGSCI tool and in the log files, which we will discuss in the following sections.

Monitoring errors

It is important to note that errors detected by GoldenGate are not automatically alerted to network managers, sms gateways, or e-mail servers. Therefore, the GoldenGate administrator must proactively monitor the logs generated by GoldenGate, the OS, and the database.

This includes the following log file list (Linux):

  • <GoldenGate_Home>/ggserr.log: This provides all GoldenGate INFO, WARNING, and ERROR messages

  • /var/log/messages: This provides all Operating System INFO, WARNING, and ERROR messages, including GoldenGate processes

  • $ORACLE_BASE/diag/rdbms/$ORACLE_SID/trace/alert_...