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Big Data Visualization

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Big Data Visualization

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Gain valuable insight into big data analytics with this book. Covering the tools you need to analyse data, together with IBM certified expert James Miller?s insight, this book is the key to data visualization success. ? Learn the tools & techniques to process big data for efficient data visualization ? Packed with insightful real-world use cases ? Addresses the difficulties faced by professionals in the field of big data analytics
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Big Data Visualization
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Log files and Excel

Let's consider a somewhat realistic use case where you have been provided a number of modified web log files that you want to create some visualizations from.

In Chapter 4, Addressing Big Data Quality, we will discuss data profiling (in regards to data quality), but for now, we'll assume that we know the following about our data files:

  • The files are of various sizes and somewhat unstructured.

  • The data in the files contain information logged by Internet users.

  • The data includes such things as computer IP addresses, a date, timestamp, and a web address/URL. There is more information in the files, but for our exercise here we really just want to create a graphical representation showing the number of times each web address was hit during each month (there are actually software packages that provide web statistics, but we'll suppose you don't have access to any of them).

The following is a sample transaction (record) from one of our files:

221.738.236 - - [15/Oct/2014:6:55:2] GET...